Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Sew Easy to create a scarf and more... airing now!

You can see my wardrobe in the background!
I am inviting you to watch free videos on the It's Sew Easy online website. You can watch for free a new episode each week, and download the free instructions that accompany each segment of every episode. Pretty cool, right?

Airing now episode 602 on ItsSewEasy now to April 11 (Noon EST)  includes my segment  on tips for creating scarves! Thrilled to be in this episode with Joanne Banko and Angela Wolfe - two wonderful gals with great sewing skills and ready to share with all of us!

Does PBS offer sewing shows in your area?  I have to simply smile because many of the sewing shows do not air here in Georgia.  We have a Sewing with Nancy at 6am which is very nice.  DVR is the way to go for that early morning challenge!

I am always surprised when I travel outside of Georgia, as to the number of quality programs on PBS stations for sewing enthusiasts.  Ironic for me since I sew, and have done 4 segments over the last few years for It's Sew Easy TV.  This popular PBS sewing show is seen across the US but unfortunately not here in Georgia. To add to the irony, Georgia has one of the largest sewing population memberships in ASG.  Thank goodness we have quality dealers in our area plus fabulous quilting stores.

I do love It's Sew Easy  because of the quality of their show and have amazing companies who stand behind them. The emphasis is not on perfection but rather on skill building, skill refreshers and the "enjoyment" of sewing from novice to more advance enthusiasts. I have met so many of my own favorite sewing icons while on their set.  One of the nicest things they do is offer online for one week each episode.

If sewing shows airs in your area, be sure to support PBS and let them know why you are doing so! 

Here is the PBS programming finder for your area and if you don't see what you want, write to them, ask your friends and sewing dealers to do the same:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to make the built in features of embroidery software do the work for you!

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Look closer at your embroidery software built in features!
What kind of shape is your software in?

Machine embroidery digitizing software packages often include built in shapes to draw.  You can use the shapes as designs or combine shapes to create more complex embroidery patterns.

Many of the more common shapes included are leaves, flowers, stars, moons, circles, squares, and petals to name just a few.

More complex shapes include stylized patterns: paisleys, curlz, scrolls and more.

If the software has drawing tools included even more built in shape possibilities may exist.  

This machine embroidery design is free on my Facebook page this week.  Look at the shapes used to create this appliqué, then look at your own software.  Can you create something similar? I bet you can.  There are creative possibilities when you know the tools of your software. 

In Artistic Digitizing, we use the tools to create personalized silhouettes, and more plus we explore the shapes feature and how simply you can create designs and appliqué monograms. Whether you are new to digitizing Designs in Machine Embroidery Designs or have played with it but would like a fresh new approach, Artistic Digitizing - I feel confident that I can get you to the next level! Join me in class on Craftsy.

Side note: after I created the embroidery design, I made templates and scanned them into Brother's Scan N Cut die cutting machine... and now it's easy to create many appliques fabric motifs ready to put in the embroidery design without tedious cutting saving time. More chat on that when April begins!

Lettering is the next topi . I've put a few finds here for you.  Note that Embrilliance is for Mac and the others are Windows.  Many quilters own embroidery software for labels, too.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Transform your ideas into beautiful embroidery designs, let's go further...

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Some tips on what to look for when purchasing embroidery software!
  • Check carefully the type of computer operating system is needed, and does your computer have the requirements necessary to run it.
  • Many brands of embroidery software, on the market today, will export designs in
    several machine file formats. Make sure that your machine file format is one of them! A conversion software is always an option, if needed.
  • Look at the machine hoop size options for the software you are considering. Are the ones included workable with your machine? Some software packages will allow you to create hoop sizes, which is very nice.
  • Examine how you will transfer your design from the software to the embroidery machine. USB? Direct connections to the computer? Do you need another transfer device to make it happen?
  • Does the software give you full digitizing capabilities? Or is it primarily an editing software letting you resize, rotate, duplicate, etc? Some editing softwares offer lettering packages, too.  Read carefully!
  • When the package says: "creating you own designs," does this mean it has full digitizing tools including a running stitch, column stitch plus manual block punching capabilities? Or do they mean auto digitize where the software needs a clean graphic to convert it into stitches.  Auto is nice but it also comes with limitations.
  • What about lettering and monogramming?  Is it included in the software package? How many fonts? How many monogram styles? Are there samples shown? Do the monograms have optional decorative embellishments?
  • Make sure that there is a software support system in place for any embroidery software purchase.
  • Your research for both pricing and support will pay off adding value to the software that you select.

Do you need the basics of digitizing software? Here is my gift, let's end the frustrations: 
25% off Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs which is open to all home embroidery digitizing software owners. Start transforming your own artwork into beautiful embroidery patterns. Follow up with Artistic Digitizing, my newest release.  If know your software, enjoy more fun projects with Artistic Digitizing at 25% off newly released!

Keep asking questions until you clearly know the capabilities of the software you are looking to buy.  You can tell by the answers whether or not you will get the needed support. Most software sales are final so I can't stress this enough. Ask about anything that is unclear about the capabilities of a product prior to the purchase. It's no bargain if you can't use it. 
 "Without good instruction on the basics of the software consumers become rightfully frustrated.  But within the first few hours of instruction, I have personally watched customers become thankful that they finally understand the basics and continue on to become good digitizers.  Several now own fabulous embroidery design  websites!  Your research for both pricing and support will pay off adding value to the software that you select."
Check out overviews of several current embroidery related softwares
linked on my Pinterest Board 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Create your own embroidery designs and why!

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If you love your embroidery machine and have developed an addiction to collecting designs, you may ask yourself: why do I need digitizing software with so many designs on the market?

The answer is simple: personalization!

There are many beautiful, whimsical, and stylish designs on the market, that is true.
However, most recipients of embroidered gifts truly love personalized items.  You know this statement is true just by the number of embroidery shops you see locally in your area.  When you walk into a shop, first you notice the type of "blanks" that they have, and then you note how you can make it especially personal for the friend or family recipient.

Monograms and words are a big part of it. However...

Imagine taking your child or grandchild's drawing and put it on a shirt for them?  Or creating a Redwork design of someones home and put it on a casserole tote or blanket to celebrate the purchase of a new home?  What if you could create your favorite flower in 3D to stitch entirely in the hoop and make embellishments for pins, headbands, hats, purses or even on quilts? Consider creating Redwork images of your family members for a memorable family quilt.What if you could take purchased designs and re-size them to suit your needs?

The possibilities are endless with embroidery digitizing software.
Digitizing software is the key to expanding your creativity! 
And the best news is that most new embroidery digitizing software packages write designs in many different formats.  This means you are no longer limited to the software that is made by the company who created your embroidery machine. Why is this important? If you own more than one brand of machine, one software can be used for all. I always recommend supporting your dealer however if you live in an area where there is no dealer support you can go elsewhere. You can find software that supports your machine file format, offers lesson support and works with your budget.

Special offer:
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Shopping for software to follow in the next post...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Transform your creative ideas into beautiful machine embroidery designs...

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Less than 5 days before my new class launches. This new class is a more personalized approach to digitizing with fun and thoughtful projects. It's also great for those who know the basic tools of their software and would like to explore creative methods to personalize projects. The class is a perfect follow up to my current Craftsy class: Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs, which is currently on sale until March 17, 2014. Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs is the perfect basic class to learn how to digitize for all home embroidery digitizing software packages with thousands of satisfied customers!  With 17+ years of teaching software classes around the country, let me show you how to transform your creative ideas into beautiful embroidery.