Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Did I mention the "Mistake-n" Quilt?

I am in the midst of running a quilted Block Swap for the Indiana Embroidery Conference Mailing List in the Yahoo groups. We are now discussing the assembly of the blocks into a display or lap quilt. Tonight while I was explaining how to assemble the quilt and add the binding, I decided to upload this picture to show them what not to do. The earlier ones are done in keeping with most quilting guidelines. With this one (the first one, of course) I whipped it up so quickly to test out the designs, that I over extended the horizontal sashing and then added the binding prior to quilting it. So I ended up putting four buttons on it to tie it off - thankfully that works. So haste can make waste or you can creatively work it out! So if you are new to quilting be sure to stitch in the ditch your layers before you bind your masterpiece - it just works better that way.

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