Saturday, June 30, 2007

Displaced Family ...

Cute Puppy with Lost Owner are awaiting their new home.

While waiting for their kitchen to have appliances and their bedroom to be completed, these two displaced family members are crashing in with us. As all the linens are packed in moving boxes it is great to have fluffly Chandler to "fill in" for a pillow. The talented owner is an accomplished skin care specialist
so during her time here I have taken advantage of her skills and can only say thank you to her for the wonders of the Origin Products and and the beautiful results. If nothing else, it makes an excellent Halloween costume.


Anonymous said...


I love the photo of YOU wearing the mask. It is stunning!

I will have to go to Origins and pick one up from Kristen on Monday and we'll "spa together."


Anonymous said...

Wow, that dog sure is loved. . .