Friday, June 8, 2007

More Project Craziness...

For a woman who has so much to do, why not run a Quilt Block Swap for the 2007 Indiana Embroidery Conference.

So here I am sorting through envelopes late at night making sure that everyone has sent 12 blocks and included their shipping, and that I have an envelope prepared to return them with more packages awaiting processing. Now I do realize some of you might want to quilt. We are done with the block exchange however next week we begin the assembly so if you want to applique twelve 8" square blocks or embroider twelve 8" blocks than you can join us on the IEC Mailing list as the how to directions will be showing up next week.

Because I didn't feel challenged enough last week I also decided to finish up a design set and make a quilt with pleated sashings and prairie points as my friend Mae is always doing fun things and so here I was feeling inspired. Because she pleats by hand, I picked up a nice little pleater for her, but of course I wanted to test it out! The picture doesn't do it justice, as I had two quilt stores approach me about offering it at their stores. You can't really see the pleats which took forever so now I know my friend Mae is insane as she folded each one individually.

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