Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Bentley is a Real Dog...

Bentley has been staring at me all weekend wondering when is he going to the dog park? When will my mom stop sewing? I named him Bentley because most poodles are named Pierre, Max, Jacques, etc. and I thought how cool it would be to say, "I am dropping my Bentley off to be detailed", when the reality is that I am dropping him off to be groomed.

After looking at all the pictures I have of him, I've decided to combine my hobbies further and create some new embroidery designs made specifically for layouts in scrapbooks. Bentley is not too thrilled about it and has expressed his concern with great "huffing" as I walk to an from my computer and embroidery machine.

Whenever I have an idea, I test it out on Cookie's Cluster which is a wonderful group of ladies who stitch out my designs, projects and suggest improvements. These ladies are amazing and over the years the club members have shared many stories and are good friends. So as I stitch and plan this project I am sending out a supply list to them for us to "stitch it up". No doubt the results will end up here!

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