Friday, June 29, 2007

Re-Inventing Past Projects

In a former life, this re-incarnated tote, taught by Joan Friedrich at Babylock Tech School, "Vest Project" on enlarging embroidery designs several years ago. A clever class in which a design was re-worked with the use of some fantastic software. A gorgeous design on a vest that could no longer be used as a store sample with the card being discontinued and so the vest has been sleeping for a few years. The original design itself is 4 inches big. However, with the use of Designer Gallery Series: Sizeworks, Hoopworks and Densityworks, the enlargement of this was very easy and was actually changed into an appliqué. Again, my compliments to Joan. Once the vest had outlived its life as a store sample it was so large that I needed Babylock to invent a new product, "Shrink Works". I had it hanging at the Babylock dealer's store for many months to show what you can do with the software and then it lived in my box of "dated samples".

A month ago I pulled it out and a friend's daughter exclaimed how much she liked the horse design. So for her I cut the vest apart, lined it with drapery fabric, and reused the vest pocket for an inside pocket to hold her cell phone to make it a fun tote to hold her books while she is at the barn with her horse, "Tucker". I used plastic canvas to reinforce the bottom of the bag in between the liner and denim outside fabric. I added a simple monogram for the personal touch on the back. The young lady I made it for, loves it. And it was rewarding to take a nice embroidered "dated sample" and make a gift for a young lady who is a beautiful person inside and out.

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