Saturday, July 28, 2007

Achievement is a question of perspective...

One week ago I was in the midst of sewing for the Hugs and I managed to squeeze in 8 fleece blankets for Sewing for Comfort which were very easy to do. Basically we cut 50/60" wide fleece fabric in 2 yard increments and then simply serge the edge being sure to round off each corner. It goes quick but it still takes some time.

So here I am finishing up my notes for AEC, packing for IEC, finishing the duck quilt, sending sample photos for ASC (I live in a world of abbreviated events) and thinking wow I am getting a lot done. So I run to Dobbins Air Force base to drop off the 8 blankets just in time as they are loading up all the blankets into my new friend Anne's SUV. She smiles and says sincerely, "great job and thank you"! I smiled back and saw all the blankets in the back of her vehicle and said "wow, everyone has really kicked in with this project". She again smiles, and shares that she and one other lady did 99 of them the week before. I was in total awe.

It just goes to show that accomplishment is a matter of perspective. She was the over achiever of the year in my eyes. However, she was really modest and it just was another week in her life. So now I am thinking I should follow her about, eat what she eats, sleep the same hours she does and see how much energy I then have.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine how I feel, sitting here thinking that I should do some charitable work. So, in my eyes, you are a super achiever.