Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finished the Ducky Quilt! and Yes, Stevie, I did listen to you and free motioned the sashing...

This was such a fun project to do for charity. I have no little kids in my life so it was truly a treat to work on it. People make quilts and bring them to the Indiana Embroidery Conference to donate to HUGS. I had an enjoyable time working on this so I have another quilt top done, and two more sets cut out. So I think I will just make a few more and save them for future events.

I was so happy with it that I brought it to show to my girl friend, Stevie. I had just the top done at our morning coffee yesterday. She was really sweet giving the right amount of ooohs and aaaahhhs and then suggested strongly that I free motion the borders rather than stitch in the ditch.

This morning as I planned to stitch in the ditch, I could hear her voice saying, you really should consider adding some free motion meandering as it lends itself to this whimsy quilt. As much as I tried to think otherwise, I knew she was right so thank you, Stevie, for giving me that little extra nudge I needed to do it better.

Hugs to you! Cookie


Anonymous said...

cookie, What an adorable quilt. Do you remember the manufacturer of the yellow & orange bubble fabric? I'd love to get my hands on some of that! I love Betti's ducks. I own a couple of the sets myself.

Lori M.
Tracy CA

Cookie Gaynor said...

The bubbles come in pink, blue, orange and maybe purple if I recall it right. It comes from the St. Jude's collection of fabric available at Hancock Fabrics.