Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Crazy Stitch Out Weekend...

What a weekend I have had since Thursday. I dropped off 8 serged blankets to Sew for Comfort on Friday and then rushed home early to finish stitching out "duck squares" for children's quilts. These adorable duck designs were created by my friend, Betty, who owns

The website is going to close on July 23 for an extended vacation time, so if you need designs order them right now.

It's the ducky50 collection that I am working with as of this moment and I am getting such joy in seeing each one of the 10 designs stitch. The pictures don't do them justice, but if you own an embroidery machine, you should think about getting them for any type of charity blanket you might be working on as they stitch out in about 15 minutes for each design and are kiddie adorable. I like them so much that I am stitching several out of each design so I can get at least two quilts done. HUGS and Kids in Distress are the two charities I have in mind for these. I've picked out some cute fabric from the St. Jude's Collection of fabric that have "bubbles" available at Hancock's and I should have one top done over this weekend as I plan to take it to Indiana. I'll upload it when I am finished with it.

We did manage to squeeze in an ADA Ride to Live event today as we "biked" through the Stone Mountain area as a large group with a very professional police escort who made sure everyone had a safe and fun ride. It's really nice to see such a great turn out for the American Diabetes event and better still knowing how much of that money raised goes to the research, and education. Well my embroidery machine has stopped stitching so it's time to reload another hoop - #18, I need 4 more!

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