Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Preparing for Indiana - Betty are you ready?

Trouble is coming to Indiana, as a group of us prepare to travel up for the 2007 Indiana Embroidery Conference which begins July 30 and ends August 2! It is the 10Th anniversary and the theme is western so we are grabbing the boots and our hoops! Betty O'Brien hosts the event each year and normally I am busy teaching but I asked for a vacation this year so I am going to play for the very first time. I haven't had a vacation in month so I plan to relax and watch everyone else work. I am going to sit, sew, scrapbook, take pictures and perhaps embroider a few things and lastly, give Betty a hard time. Well no not really, but I will be keeping my eye on her.
I have been scrolling through the pictures of the past events. I have come to realize what great pictures I have collected of teachers and attendees suitable for framing and black mail. But you can relax because I know you have some similar ones of me, too. How does that go? "your secrets are safe with me because you know too much!" But whatever shall I do with them.........?

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