Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What happens when embroidery meets paper?

Dear Friends,

I had to smile when someone mentions fabric envelopes, embroidery and paper. Because my friends know that I scrapbook and "card make" all the time testing out all the new products to see what works and doesn't.

A discussion recently turned to fabric envelopes and using one of the various fabric stiffening products we use in embroidery. I suppose that would work provided you are in drought conditions with low humidity, but I think instead I will coat mine with a sealer which provides just the right stiffness to hold its shape for mailing.

I am amazed at the number of people who own all the embroidery sewing and paper supplies but haven't given this hobby a try. I did a simple project with just paper embroidery but you can also do it with card stock covered with fabric. I have not tried using a fabric stiffener stabilizer yet. But that is what I will do this week and send it to my friend Betsy who owns a fabulous embroidery design website: Wine Country Designs. I think if I send it from the recent wetlands of Georgia (where it has been drought like with the exception of the last few days, to the Sonoma Valley vineyards, it will be a good test of "stability". As Betsy scrapbooks and embroiders I know I can expect to get a thorough analysis. On occasion she visits my blog, so I will just surprise her with a snail fabric embroidered letter.... This will be "research".

For those who want to sew, glue, embroider, etc. Feel free to visit my site to do your first project with all files ready to begin. Click on the picture. If you want to look at my favorite templates by memory makers then click here.

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