Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Make Over - Mr. R

"Beauty has no pain" - Olga Womer

Another makeover is underway. With precision and expertise this young man will undergo an amazing skin transformation. By the careful application of the proper creams and cleaning agents the skin will be detoxified and resurfaced into beautifully new, radiant, healthy skin.

What more can a man wish for? Probably not a camera, but well I simply can't help myself.

It is my duty to utilize all the functions of this camera to ensure that the dollars behind it were not wasted. As you might recall, I have personally experienced this facial mask so it's not like I am picking on the poor guy.

"Beauty is only skin deep." - Unknown
It's a great thing when a guy can step up and say, " sure I'll give this thing a try" and then follows through with it. What a man! This man should be voted father of the year for being such a good sport!

Who could not love this young man?


Anonymous said...

My! What an amazing makeover! Was that done at the Origins at the Avenues?


Anonymous said...

What a wus. Signed, a close relative

Ron said...

To my "Close" relative, all I will say is: I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!

Anonymous said...

That's nice. You're still a wus though.