Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day 1 at IEC 2007

It has been 10 years since I have gone to an embroidery conference to play and not teach so on day one, I took a class on making earrings! Making those little loops was pretty easy thanks to Terri Hanson's clear demonstration. After that I ran around the event taking pictures of all the attendees and managed a quick Embird class with Peggy Severt which was illuminating. I own several software digitizing packages and I like to combine the tools of them but the Embird was just sitting on my desk top. I missed a feature that only "it" has so after leaving the class with my heart beating fast with excitement, I have planned a new path for my future digitizing efforts incorporating Embird into the equation. I finished the afternoon with EQ5/6 to refresh my skills and then it was dinner time with my girlfriend, Mae. We are having lots of fun. I will upload day two news tomorrow. I am trying to enjoy the earrings now until I get home and then I will let my daughter have them.
I am back in the room with a small pack of Oreos and water... this is great. I never get to do this when I am teaching. I am wide awake so I think I will work on photo printing. I asked Mae to pick out tomorrows classes. I picked painting craft today , but I 'll tell you about those tomorrow. I will tell you that I selected them for their "cross crafting" possibilities for both fabric and scrapbook hobbies. Reporting from Indiana -Cookie

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Anonymous said...

Busy little blogger, you've become!
I love the earrings and can't wait to see them in person;)