Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mae's Lucky Scarf

So there we were in the midst of all the embroidery goodies. And what does my friend, Mae, purchase? A lucky scarf. A very sweet young lady with "wares" from China explained how important the color red is and that it brings good luck. Mae showed me her brand new scarf. Now it is very easy for me to find her in a crowded room.
Other purchases today included paints, books, ink pads and we did manage to part with a little cash for colored bobbins. We have so much of the embroidery stuff that Mae and I are branching out.

We wish our friends from cookiescluster were here with us, but we are having fun for all of you. Tomorrow I will add the pictures from the party. We packed our suitcases and I simply wasn't thinking and packed up my camera with tonight's pictures. Cookie

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