Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Make Over - My Stella!

Every day you can turn on the TV and see someone being made over, or a "home improvement show" so why not do the same for your dog?

As you can see, Stella needed a total makeover which included better manners, hair, and clothing. She was eager for the change and she mastered new tricks and improved her behavior. Wardrobe and collar selection proved to be difficult since she is a natural redhead. Stella now has a complete wardrobe with her own clothesline soon to be released. She works hard to maintain her 7.8 lb figure and truly loves stylish apparel.

When Stella first arrived at the age of one, she was nervous and fidgety. On lookers would ask what kind of dog she was. It hurt her feelings as she was standing next to her adopted brother Bentley. But today Stella can hold her own and she is one little vixen of a toy poodle looking sweet and demure in her cocktail dress.
Do you dress your furry kid up?


Anonymous said...

WOW, what a change in Stella.........she should star in her own makeover show. I'm sure it's done wonders for her self esteem knowing that she's now one hot chick....uh, I mean poodle!


Anonymous said...

It has made such a difference in the way Stella takes her morning stroll down the street. Now I am working on new outfits for "Stellawear" soon to be released!