Friday, September 7, 2007

Celebration of 30 Years Young -

"When I grow up, I want to be like Luke Skywalker but with cool gear like Darth Vader!" - R.
Until then I will enjoy everyday with role playing games and eat cheerios until they no longer taste as good as my first bowl.

I will tease my sister at every opportunity, and I will watch out for blue birds... for they are snitches. I will avoid having my picture taken whenever possible and this will be the last easy photo someone will take of me.

Oh no, it's happening... I have turned 30, my sister is teasing me back and the tables are turning. I married a photographer, there is no escape. My mother is still a relentless shutterbug and crafting my pictures into picture people! My dad won't put away that photo phone. I gave up my cheerios, lactose intolerance!!!!!!!!!!
"I must stand my ground now!"
Happy Birthday from Yoda & Friends!

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T.E. said...

HAHA- nice pics. Except Ryan is wearing a Transformers mask.