Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm having another Comcastic Day - Time to Sew/Embroidery

What is a comcastic day? Click here and to find out.
Who would have thought I would be using my cell phone to run my business? But I am here to tell you that it is a good band aid when all else fails. It can be your blogger, and apparently Sprint has shared with me that it can be a modem, although slow. So "necessity is the mother of invention" and while my designs are stitching I will do just that as my cluster group is waiting for the final part of their design set for the holidays and I can't upload it. Maybe my cell will be the solution -
I certainly had fun with photo wars (using the cell) at Dad's 85Th birthday party. For the AEC ladies who were in love with Dad 8 years ago at The AEC event, we still can't keep up with him or Sandy who both danced continuously at the party. Sandy did so with an ankle injury! So AEC ladies, thank goodness Dad met Sandy to be his wife for we could never keep up.

On another fun note - I am finishing up the mini designs for the Sock Easy units I have on my main website this weekend and I will upload when I am able to here residing in my Comcastic Kingdom. I did have a fun day at work yesterday morning looking at several sewing/quilting/embroidery machines. Does it sound like I am contemplating a new one? It's tough with the newest elegante & duetta 4500. I have the Ellageo/Innovis for my home play machine and the Professional for work and my home ones are working fabulous which makes this difficult to rationalize why I need new ones. Maybe I do the big no-no and sell them leaving empty spots. Could I just come home with a new one and say I won the raffle? Would my AEC and IEC buddies support me on this when I am questioned?

Betsy, I had no idea you could press enter on remote of the TV and place orders on the Home Shopping Network! Thanks for sharing and when the powers at be get my phone, Internet and cable running again - I will do that first thing. I still want those HUGGABLE Hangers!


Anonymous said...

Cookie, I love the photos of Ron and the lobster and your dad! I'd give anything for a lobster served on the east coast!

Unknown said...

And people used to talk about the phone company being late. At least we would make attempts at letting the customer know what was going on.