Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let the eating begin, again

Sushi! With Janna giving approval. Ron, you must let go of the platter, it's time to share! Saturday night in ATLANTA! An amazingly full platter was emptied within minutes of its arrival and from there we ended up at Starbucks to watch a slide show of friends in Mexico. The Starbucks was attached to a shoe store, so I ducked in real quick and managed to purchase cute boots in 15 minutes. Apparently everyone in our group thought I was late in arrival, and Mr. Cutie got the full picture of where I had been when he saw MY shopping bag and HIS bill.

Now for the rest of the comcastic day..... NO TECHS Showed up with a Thermal Indicator, in fact no techs at all between 11-2 or the rest of the day for that matter. Are we surprised? But enough of that - I'll save that for the other blog about my Comcastic Kingdom

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