Friday, December 28, 2007

50 Years Young...

And this is what 50 years young looks like, and he was definitely surprised to find a room filled with family and friends to greet him as he entered Sugos.

A fun time was had by all. Honorable mentions has to go to Luanne for her unusual hand made gift of "sushi" candy. It was truly special since our families go out together for a "sushi" fix so this made all of us laugh. The presentation was amazing and rice crispies never looked or tasted so good. So Lulu, are you going to share your recipe? Absolutely, the best display of food!

It was great seeing cousins Scott and Sharon. Sharon showed us a few great moves for self defense and it is no surprise that she owns the successful Dynasty Dojo in New York.She really knows her stuff and after listening to a few stories, it is easy to see why Scott never sneaks up on her. Let's see was that a bruised nose, that taught him a lesson?

Things we learned at the dinner party: there is such a thing as too much good food, raspberry chocolate cake can always be squeezed in no matter how much you have eaten. That there are no shy people among Ron's family and friends. Action photos are hard to take. That umbra photo trees are excellent for displaying photos as table toppers. It's important to make sure you are always in control of your facial expressions when a camera points at you. If in doubt, consult the umbra trees for examples.

A special birthday wish to Richard: you are 9 minutes older than Ron and one day in the distant future you will no longer remember that those 9 minutes makes the difference between old and ancient. Happy Birthday!

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T.E. said...

He was definetly surprised. You put together an Awesome party!