Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Shopping Bargains and did you know that .....

In my travels for unusual gifts for the holidays, this has to be the number one bargain gift,
"Genuine Fake Watches"
New York City has nothing in comparison to the watches being sold in this location and they are definitely proud of it. For those on my holiday shopping list, don't be too disappointed that I didn't get you one. Being genuine, they were a little high priced for me.

On the home front: Did you know that the TWINS in our family are quietly turning 50? It's true and it happens this weekend. What keeps that smile on Ron's face is knowing his brother is 9 minutes older

So for those that know my twin, be sure to give him your birthday wishes. His brother doesn't read blogs either.

Lastly, one more handle to knit then it's a quick felting in the washer and I can upload it. Only a few days left to have it ready.


T.E. said...

what are you knitting now?

Be sure the handle is stronger than a thin ribbon... :)

Unknown said...

Looks like the "HEY JOE!!!" watch dealers are now using banners. Buy one and you get a case, false face and nothing inside. GREAT Bargin for 5$.

Ron and Bro look great for the BIG 50. You look even better at the big ____ Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!!!

Rusty and Felicia

Anonymous said...

this location looks like...EPHESUS!!! in Turkey! But we got fake watches too here in the Big Apple. The difference is...they WORK