Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Projects - several on the road to completion!

The holidays are rolling in and it's a serious time for those of us who like to make our own gifts. Last week I did finish a blue, teal and green scarf made out of yarns that had silk, nylon and light weight wool. For fun, I added some lighter green ribbons to mix with the yarns for the fringe.

I have the handles to finish up on a knitted purse. I had to put it down until my glasses could go back on, to ensure that I picked up the right yarns. It's the kind of wool that wants to split easily so added care was needed, the kind of care that required reading glasses.

I did manage to finish up cushions for the kitchen bench. The thought of making cushions for a bench in my kitchen has been on my list for 3 years. It is one of those functional projects that you can't get too excited about. It is surprising to see how many more complicated projects get done in avoidance of a project you find uninspiring. I learned a few good things in doing this like: how to measure for fabric, that green foam has a greater density than the white or off-white foam. You can make a pattern easily by measuring the circumference of the foam in both directions and divide each measurement in half. Fold your fabric in thirds and mark off those same dimensions and sew on the lines. I finished the closure with Velcro on the bottom.

Others benefitted from my inability to don my glasses. My daughter was pleased to get her kitchen curtains finished. The home is ready for company for the holidays. And Stella, my toy poodle, has learned a new trick, "Stella kiss Chandler". Now you know the level of boredom one can reach when my glasses have to be out of use!

It's amazing how much one can do when they can't read their email. But the glasses are back on the handles of the purse are back to being knitted fast and furious!

In closing these random thoughts. What a difference two years can make in everyone's lives.
2005 and now!


T.E. said...

Oh my what a cute dog Stella is kissing! Is it really a trick when the object of her affection is so tempting and dashing? His mere fluffy presence beckons Stella kisses.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely a trick.

T.E. said...

Ok "Anonymous" poster... so are you my mother, or did my mother bribe you to say that? :)

Anonymous said...

There is no bribery needed for a legitimate trick by a red headed puppy that is so cute!