Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April's Project being featured in the newsletter...

For months I have been working on moving my website to a new server while preparing to teach at several events. I have learned several lessons along the way and have had set backs from time to time. But my own club members and students have weathered through it.

To celebrate the survival for so many of my list members, this months fun newsletter email gift is a sleep mask which stitches out completely in the hoop, and you can even add the elastic at the time it is being embroidered.

Now here is my really dumb moment. When I finished making these masks a couple of years ago, I thought they were such fun that I raced to mirror to try it on to see how they looked! Duh, I couldn't see a thing obviously. Even Bentley stared at me in disbelief!

Now that is what working until the wee hours of the night will do to you. So get your sleep and celebrate the move with me.

If you own an embroidery machine and want to enjoy making your own sleep mask, simply subscribe to the newsletter on the cookiescreations website before April is over to get yours.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I remember you recounting that story to me after you did it!