Friday, April 4, 2008

Embroidered Socks Made Simple

After five days at the American Embroidery Conference, I am finally home and unpacked, ready to begin my local classes once again. The featured socks on the left were embroidered with designs from Cookie's Creation's mini boys collection Snips & Tails. A big thank you to Donna Hoffman and Beverly Willingham for their hard work in helping me make samples.

The next big event is the Indiana Embroidery Conference (July 16-19, 2008) where I will be holding a "sock hop in the Hoop" using the Sock Easy embroidery tool. This little Sock Easy device holds one side of a sock completely out of the way for embroidery to be completed. It is so simple to use that I actually made 36 pairs of socks in an afternoon.
Tip on adding ribbons, lace, etc.: Be sure to embroider your socks first and then add the embellishments! - Cookie (ask me how I know!)
To make the class more fun we will be adding all kinds of trims to create one of kind socks which will delight whoever receives them. You can also use the sock easy on ribbed cuffs and the cuffs of little gloves... Leave it to my girlfriends Donna and Beverly to encourage "experimentation".

I love living in the South. In the five days I was away, my yard went from dreary winter to cheerful spring. My favorite tree is now filled with gorgeous flowers and the azaleas are just coming into bloom. My puppies greeted me with great enthusiasm and looking into their happy eyes removed any exhaustion I was feeling.

Time to get busy as I have several files to work on tonight.


Anonymous said...

nice photo of the tree

Anonymous said...

Hello, where can I buy the sock easy, I would love to buy one. Please let me know.

Cookie Gaynor said...

The Sock Easy is available for purchase at: