Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Right now I can hear pots and pans stirring in the distance with my daughter and husband creating breakfast. The flowers in that vase are gorgeous, thank you Ryan and Brooke - I wish you were here.

Bentley (my wonder poodle) welcomed me this morning by kicking me with his back right leg... I mean actually kicking me. Do you think it was a nervous twitch? Can dogs actually do that? Does Bentley know he is a dog? Oh, and his tail was wagging furiously.

Stella on the other hand has been sitting by me sedately. I am going to see how this day unfolds.

Update, brunch was excellent - vegan French toast with a dash of chocolate and raspberry! The brunch was followed up with a great show at the Cobb Civic Center, featuring beads, mineral rocks, jewelry.... And the winds in Atlanta only knocked down three of our trees upon the return. Considering the damage across the US, it was minor.

I hope that your Mother's Day was special and fun.

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T.E. said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!