Sunday, June 22, 2008

Creative and Talented Friends...

I am always appreciative when I receive a handmade gift. This one is particularly special. Carol Price took the time to make me this beautiful shrug, in my favorite color out of her busy life. She sent it as a total surprise and let me add that she knitted it right under the nose of my best friend from college who recently moved and joined Carol's knitting group. So it was a double surprise. The picture does not show fully the beautiful detail of it. Carol is not only a very talented digitizer but she is also quite the accomplished knitter and began at a very young age.
She sells many different types of tutorials on her website as well as designs.
Her Tidbits Design Set work nicely with the Sock Easy Set available at which is the tool I use to embroider socks quickly and easily.
Carol's website is also worth a look whether you are an embroiderer or knitter. If you are a knitter, be sure to check out her knitting patterns. I have done the chemo caps with great success as a beginner and it is a very worthwhile project. Carol didn't do the belt, but she did give me the lucky pin which she brought back from Ireland.
A twist on the use of the Sock Easy: One more thing, if you are a knitter and love fingerless mittens out of silk, if the cuff is ribbed in a workable size, the sock easy can let you monogram it. Use a layer of water soluble topping on top of the area to be embroidered in addition to the usual sporty sock method (with the glove turned inside out) shown in the video blog of June 10th.

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