Friday, July 25, 2008

How to Organize Your Embroidery Files and more!

LET'S GET ORGANIZED on our computers, too! another little video just for you... SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE VIDEO!

There are many choices on the market for organizing your computer file-folder system for pictures, embroidery files, etc. I fell in love with this one, The Deduper, a year ago at a conference where I was teaching because it is inexpensive, easy to use, works well and I can use it for my embroidery files, as well as for removing duplicate photos and more.

Being a scrapbook hobbyist & beginner knitter, my evening are spent playing with my digital scrapbook files, and also surfing the net for free knitting patterns. Consequently, like many of you I have "occasionally" downloaded the same file twice (Ok - maybe I have done it two or three times per file in my excitement!) This post is to help those who are struggling to remove duplicate files, empty folders as well as for those working with zipped downloads to quickly, easily and efficiently clean up and organize your collection of digital files.

I have put the Deduper software on the main site of
cookiescreations and in the last 3 weeks, the response has been amazing without any real promotion. This time, in effort to stay ahead of the teaching curve, I have made this little on screen overview tutorial to help show the features. I am also new with doing on screen presentations so this can only get better, but this little overview despite my "stumbling blocks" will give you the information needed to get you started with removing duplicates, empty folders and working with zips. I will re-do it once I get better with the on screen software. (Another learning curve for me.) Click the play arrow button below to begin watching this how to video! Click here to get your own Deduper!
Ok, back to knitting that sweater!

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