Sunday, July 13, 2008

Multi-Projecting * for those who love to do too much!

UFO's in the sewing/embroidery/hobby world means "unfinished objects". I view them more as "PIPS" (projects in progress). Just a few weeks ago, I started a sweater, a knitted felted handbag, 25 kits for a sewing class, a video and this Tuesday I leave for the Indiana Embroidery Conference. So my sweater is still in progress (after all I am a beginner at this knitting thing) but my knitted bag is finished! My first video is on the side bar of this blog: How to Embroider Socks, the kits are together and as I began typing this I wondered who else has several projects going on at one time. Do you have PIPS? Are you into Multi-Projecting?

Carol Price was so sweet to whipped me up some shrug directions for a beginner, so that is being added to my PIPS and another video on how to embroider? To all those who feel they can't start one more project until they are finished with their current one(s), throw caution to the wind and put your efforts into showing "lots of progress" in "many ways".
A special hug to Brooke who enjoys PIPS and turns out beautiful objects continuously!

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