Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quick Project Idea!

Back to school makes this a great gift idea and it's easy to do. I found this wonderful lunch bag while working at a show and visiting with Susan Mars of The blank lunch bags come in several colors, with my personal favorites being lime green and chocolate. Inside the bag there is a really cool strap to keep a drink stationary and not crushing your lunch and yes, the bag is insulated!

To embroider the bag, I used a 7"x5" (180 mm x 130mm) frame size and created the lettering in my digitizing software. I also printed out the template and pinned it on the bag for the exact placement. I used one of the best sticky stabilizers I know of ( as it has a great adhesive quality, while still being an easy removal after embroidering a project. With the template pinned on, I placed the lunch bag onto the sticky paper which was hooped. I added a few pins through the bag and the sticky paper to ensure no movement, in case of accidental bumping. :0

Once I had the machine lined up perfectly using my arrow keys, I removed the template and hit GO. The results were a great placement of the lettering , and easily removed from the stabilizer afterwards - so give this a try!

On a final side note, I am typing this from St. Louis and your newsletter with the newest project idea (no this is not the file for it) will be sent out at the end of this week for the month of August.

Hugs to all, Cookie!

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