Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun In Nashville - what a weekend!

This was a great weekend to be in Nashville, TN. The 2008 Quilt Expo was a candy land for quilters. The show auditorium was packed with vendors selling all kinds of tools and fun "artistic media" to use with quilt making.

The fabulous finished quilts displayed throughout the vendor area filled the room with inspiration. And the best part for me was meeting up with teachers who crossover from the embroidery to the quilting arena.

A fun time was had at the Grand Ole Opry, and the magnificence of Opryland cannot be fully appreciated until you are sitting right there in the theater. Susan of managed to find us great seats. And Dawn of was thrilled to see one of her favorite country music singers in the last segment.

Even if you are not into country music, one cannot help but be impressed over the convention center. It is a city under glass with gorgeous fountains, plants, buildings, and their own river! Just look at the picture below. I shot it upwards to remind me that this was actually under a glass sky.

You tend to forget that the rest of the world does not wear cowboy boots & hats on a day to day basis when you are surrounded with country wear. And you never know what stars you are going to meet by accident. It's all part of the charm.

The great thing for those of us who like to sew and embroider, there are ideas for projects everywhere you look from the fringed shirts, to the stylish boots, to color schemes of the buildings... and of course, the inspiration of the quilts at the Quilt Show.

Speaking of stars and embroidery here are a few that I bumped into at the show:

When you take the pictures you can hide! Of course the left picture is Susan and the right one is Betty of the IEC and Jan who is one of the moderators for the wonderful PR600 yahoo group list. The trip ended on one more bright note. On Sunday, we went to the Cowboy Church and we got to meet another amazing woman, do you know who she is? Clue, she's the sister of a famous singer (and a singer in her own right) and has a heart of gold.... look closely:

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