Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Word about a Breast Cancer Survivor - 2 Day Walk in Atlanta this weekend...

Looking at this photo you might think this is about my dearest friend, Stevie, who many of you have met - but think again...

I have had several who have written me, Why do you have Tutu's for Tata's as one of your videos on the side bar.  And the answer is simple, breast cancer strikes women and MEN.  A close friend Richard Doughty had it as a young teen of 14.  He is the star of that video. And he make look familiar to you as well from many commercials and several movie parts he has had a role in. But more importantly he has a starring role of "determination", not being a victim but a champion in the eyes of all who know him.  His life in itself has been an amazing tapestry weave of family, friends, careers,  charity work and a testimonial on being a survivor.  Channel 46 recently did an amazing interview on him and it is an piece.  Not a quick blurb as so many things are touched upon.  It is worth a watch as they have put it on the Channel 46 Site so here is the link while it is there: Men Can Also Get Breast Cancer  

Share it with those who are in the midst of the fight, or perhaps for those who are afraid to get checked. There is so much life to be lived and as Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here, sometimes we need to use our hobbies to share a message.  Make those embroidery ribbons and wear them, share them and encourage all.   (PS - thank you Ron for riding this weekend as part of the moto crew with your best buddy Richard and again for the following 3 Day Susan B Komen Event coming up shortly.)

Hugs to all, Cookie  

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