Monday, October 20, 2008

2008 Quilt Show Brand New to Atlanta...

Of course I just had to go and see what was the latest and greatest in the quilting arena.  After walking the entire show, my most favorite find was the new Jewel quilter that comes with a nice size frame, easy to use, and will be upgradeable to a software driven package in the not so distant future.  Currently, you can follow patterns easily with an amazing laser.  It was a lot of "bang for the buck" especially if you are just entering the quilting arena and own nothing in terms of this type of equipment.  Everyone one who knows me, knows how addicted I am to Pre-Design and my immediate thoughts were: digitizing, Pre-Design and this great Jewel of a Setup!  It may all work together.  So now it is save save save - so I can get one.  I have to email Loes and delve further into this because the possibilities are endless.  Loes knows I am on the verge of commitment to owning a quilter.  The funniest thing about my discovery is that this great machine was just delivered to one of the stores I work out of.  What a surprise!  See what happens when you travel.  So if you live in the Atlanta area by all means go check it out at Atlanta Sewing Center.  It's a 5 bobbin winner. If it were another store carrying it, it is still a 5 bobbin winner so check out this great new product by babylock.
     While walking around the show, I was inspired by all the creativity and the amazing new colors for this fall.  I saw lots of teal and brown combined together - and lots of r
etro looking fabrics and ideas.  It was the first time show here so with finger crossed I hope it was successful for the vendors so they will all come back next year.  So keep an eye out for it next fall at the Gwinnette Civic Center.
      There were some familiar booths and two of my favorites: Barbara Hershey Handler , the crazy quilter, and Susan of  I hope many of you had a chance to attend. If you did then you might have seen this lady there! Dianne Pomeroy of the American Embroidery Conference was constantly on the move, and wouldn't stand still for me long enough to 
take a picture.  So the blurriness is her doing but at least you have a glimpse of the lady who makes that event happen!  I have to get ready to meet with my cluster club this morning so no more blogging time right now!
Have a great week everyone!

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