Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Gift Idea - How to Embroider Gloves and Mittens!

A few weeks ago I was sharing with a group of embroidery enthusiasts on how I embroider gloves and mittens using the sock easy. You can also do the ribbed sleeve cuffs! A few of the ladies asked me if I could put together an easy how to video on this. Maybe I didn't explain to clearly at the time and that was their way of being really polite while trying to get a better picture of it.

It is just like doing socks and I would recommend watching how to embroider socks first before watching this if you have never done them before as that video has more details. But if you can do the socks already then definitely move straight to this one for your entertainment if nothing else! Lesson learned, always smile before the tape rolls!
Hugs, hugs, Happy Holidays ~ Cookie


Anonymous said...

Cute baby bonnet

Anonymous said...

oy. way too complicated for me. can't I just ask you to do it for me?

of course, I need a baby first.

oxoxo Debra

Cookie Gaynor said...

Yes, I will do it for you. Just go ahead and have that baby!
I think my part will be much easier!
Hugs, Cookie