Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Gifts to make from your Sewing Scraps

Do you need a couple of quick ideas to use up some scraps?
A year ago, I joined a fun stocking swap on a mailing lists that I enjoy.  I had tons of silk Dupioni, lace and velvet scraps due to the very nature of the business I am in.  I am always running short on time though, but this was such a breeze to make that I will share it with you.  Draw any stocking shape you want onto a  piece of newspaper to make your pattern.  Mine actually curls at the tip with a bell but the picture doesn't show it as I am noticing it this very moment while typing.  If your not into free hand drawing, all the sewing companies have patterns for stockings but the point is, you can get rid of your scraps and make something fun and whimsy at the same time, quickly.

If you want to piece fabrics here is the tip Cut the front "base" from muslin and adhere (or stitch) your scrap fabrics to this base.  In this example,  the scraps were cut into strips and "flipped and folded" along the way up the stocking pattern.  For my students, this is our crazy quilt method without using our usual starter shape.  Of course you could simply cut a stocking from one piece of solid fabric.  My best friend, Stevie, has been known to cut out designer labels from her clothes and put them in the stockings.  It's amazing how much that can transform a recipients expression!  If you make a skinny stocking it can be a wine bottle bag.

     Another fun gift to do quickly, is to pick a project that takes you under thirty minutes to 
make and substitute part of the fabric for ribbons which you sew together with a zigzag stitch to make fabric.  For those that do heirloom sewing, use the same technique we use for lace to lace sewing.  Butt the two ribbons together and zigzag them catching the each of the two ribbons as you zig and zag!  Look how quickly you can dress up a tissue holder. The outside is made out of a few ribbons and the inside is lined with silk Dupioni.  I tend to make a lot of projects out of that silk so I always have left overs.  Do you have some trim that is unusual but not enough for a handbag or some other major project.  Here we have another take of silk Dupioni with trimming added.  I did take scissors to trim the fluff down a bit so it could be practical when you reach for those tissues. 
This one is for the princess in travel in her car.  If the princess doesn't use tissues, remember a pretty hankie embroidered with initials, or simply trimmed in the corner with decorative stitches from your sewing machine is always a nice gift. I pulled it apart wider than what it normally "sits" so you can note the trimmings were trimmed and how it lets you grab the tissues easily.  Tissue holders are such a cute gift when you get together with the girls for a chic flick.  Perfect for any Nicholas Sparks novel made into a movie.  Pass them out right before the show, and you are guaranteed to be loved!  

I need to get back to making my next quick sock easy video but hopefully this will have you rethinking about those bags of scraps you have, and the possibilities of wonderful gifts without having to step out of the door.  It's recycling, and it's "financially sound".  Hugs to all!

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