Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More gifts to give in time for the holidays!

Glad to hear from subscribers that you are enjoying making these cute luggage tags and thank you for all the great email responses. It's nice to press a button on your embroidery machine and with 3 pieces of fabrics you can make these in less than 10 minutes. I agree with you... 

If you haven't joined the newsletter, you still have time to subscribe and get this project through the month of November!  

More gift ideas using the gift tag project:
I have made these as gifts for several years and never thought that others would enjoy them as much as I do when I shared this project in the newsletter.  Note the cards I have inserted into the business card "size" plastic slot on each of the tags.  On one side I use stamps, stickers, a picture or sometimes computer graphics and on the other side is the ID information.   My own daughter loves baking cupcakes so that pink one has her name all over it.  You can use cute fabrics with sports, pizza, sewing, nursing, fashionista and more to truly make the gift giving personal. You can embroider the other side of the tag with a monogram.  Another idea is to use them as the actual gift tag for a present.  Or use them as PLACE CARDS at your holiday table, and the guests leave with a thoughtful memento.  If you live in the Atlanta Sewing Center area, call the store to sign up and come join me at the I LOVE TO SEW meeting on February 14th in Marietta  at 10:30am and get the adorable Valentine version.  It is done as a sewing pattern as well as an embroidery design file, to meet everyone's needs. 
Speaking of needs, I walked into the store and found the Assistant Manager on the phone with  two people at one time, trying to explain how to turn a graphic into an embroidery design.  I  couldn't stop laughing and
unfortunately for her, I had a camera! For anyone that knows me, I am seldom without one.  Now this is what I call service!

I will be adding a new video to this blog site on Friday to keep the gift giving ideas in motion!  So check back Friday evening for another good laugh!  Because I am so-not-good at those videos!  I guess that is why they are so free!  Hugs, Cookie


Anonymous said...

The luggage tag in person is so much cuter. Had a fun time last Monday making mine, thanks!

T.E. said...

Cupcakes!!! Cuuuuute!