Thursday, December 18, 2008

Embroidery on Knits - a new product to try!

In the previous post, I did a cute holiday sock using a lighter weight Eco Stick Stabilizer #915. I found the product produced excellent results and with that said, I decided to grab a plain black sweater I already owned (and was sick of should the experiment go terribly wrong) and I used Eco Stick Stabilizer #920. Sweaters can be a challenge due to the unstable knit fabric, the thickness, and the desire not to have hoop burn! And also the trick is not to end up with " sticky paper residue" on backside of your work.

To do the knitted sweater I did the following:
  1. Hooped the stabilizer with the waxy paper side up.
  2. Used a sharp straight pin and scored the wax paper around the inside of the hoop
  3. Removed the waxy paper layer which is the reason I scored it!
  4. With the sticky 920 stabilizer now exposed, I positioned my sweater on top of it.
  5. I put a piece of water soluble on top to ensure that the threads didn't get buried into the knit, treating it like a towel.
  6. Stitched the design. The wt of this stabilizer held my stretchy sweater perfectly in place.
  7. Removed the water soluble and the Eco Stick, the 920 stick was terrific. Not only did it remove easily, it left no residue and didn't harm the sweater one bit.
Below are two pictures, one showing how easy it was to remove the sweater which surprised me as it really held it in position. And the other picture shows the backside of the sweater and as you can see there is no sticky paper left, and if you could touch it like I can, you would know that it feels great and non-sticky. This is a 5 bobbin award winning stabilizer!

I am so excited about this great find that I am happy to share it.

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