Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Socks Made in Minutes!

I have had a fun evening making little gifts and I wanted to share with you my latest socks. As always, I embroidered them first before adding the ribbon or lace. As with lace, stretch the sock slightly as you zigzag the ribbon on to the edge of the sock. I use clear invisible thread for all colors except for navy, black and gray. For those I use the black/smoky gray invisible thread. Maybe I will take that ribbon and add lights as well to a T-shirt and put something fun on it like, "You light up my life..."

Just finished them and I think they are adorably cute! The design on the socks came from Dollarstitch. The Poinsettia background design is by cookiescreations. The little red and white polka dot ribbon is left over from a scrapbook project.

I used The Sock Easy and Light weight Eco-Stick which is a biodegradable adhesive tearaway/wash away which is in the throws of beta-testing. And as you can see it, it worked beautifully. It had just the right amount of sticky with no needle residue, love that!

See how to use the Sock Easy for socks and for gloves/mittens here on this blog in our video column to the left. Whether you use the sock easy or another method to embroider socks and gloves, the videos have helpful tips. Read more about the sock easy available at

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