Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let's Work on the Present!

Still working on gift ideas?
Dress up that holiday photo right down to those darling ankles! I grabbed this cute little design from Embroidery Dollar Stitch. I used a very inexpensive sock (50 cents) and to give it a little extra body I put a layer of water soluble topping and then I embroidered it using the Sock Easy. It worked like a charm. After I was finished stitching it, I added a dash of lace by stretching the sock slightly as I used a zigzag stitch to attach it.

If you have not embroidered socks be sure to watch the video on this blog because they are very simple and quick and no matter what tool you use, or if you just try doing it with your fingers holding the sock with sticky paper (brave! and not recommended!), there are still some useful tips in the free video that will help you from making common silly mistakes. (I'm the beta tester of those silly mistakes.) Upside down designs, two lefties, inside out-ies to name a few!

I love the idea of the Present because it works for birthdays, or how about blue and silver for Hanukkah? Red and white for Valentine's.... I laugh because this is the Present that keeps on giving! The link to Connie's Embroidery Dollarstitch main website is on our links bar! She has promised to let me know when the full set is done and it is now completed and the link is:

If you are working on something cute for the holidays feel free to post it in the comments. It is moderated to keep out spamming and to keep the blog family friendly but short of that your comments and ideas are truly welcomed or email me as always. Thank you Connie, for sharing your time and talent. Happy Stitching as the Holidays are upon us now!

Hugs, Cookie

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Anonymous said...

Success....I've now stitched out about 8 pairs of socks! This is really addictive. I did learn one thing...test stitch those tiny designs before I put them on the socks. Some of the small designs that I've found were a bit too dense. The ones from your site were all great by the way. ~Michele