Monday, December 1, 2008

One more gift item - Make a Heatable Relaxation Pillow

December is the month of shopping and sometimes it can be stressful. This heated pillow on your forehead can help you relax the stress away. We have spent time sharing quick gifts you can make that will be enjoyed with very few dollars or no dollars if you have scraps of fabric! So here we are with another gift idea:
"A gift of your time and talent shows your love and appreciation of your family and friends!"
This blog has focused throughout November on gift ideas and December will be more ideas. All subscribers to the newsletter of the cookiescreations website will be receiving this in the hoop embroidery design with instructions. Once the shopping is over, you will be happy to throw this little heat-able bag in the microwave and relax in a quiet room with it on your forehead. The cover is removable and washable revealing your pillow insert. Fragrant and fast providing headache and sinus relief and always creating relaxation. The project which is delivered through the free newsletter for the month of December only contains the complete directions, 2 files (pillow insert and Special Dreams Pillow cover) all made in the hoop, plus templates for placements, realizing that not everyone has software to create their own templates.

And remember you can always embroider socks in minutes for last minute gifts! If you do not own an embroidery machine, simply sew ribbons to the edge and iron on appliques, but do watch How to Embroider Socks Video available on this blog (left side) for some quick tips that will help with or without an embroidery machine.

Time for me to finish tweaking the newsletter for it is being sent out starting tonight!


Anonymous said...

I went to the cookiescreations website and found the join box for the newsletter, so I hope I did it correctly. I think so, can't wait to try making this project. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I also joined the newsletter. How do I get the instructions for the heatable pillow?

Thank you,

Cookie Gaynor said...

Hi Donna,
When the newsletter arrives within 24 hours, it will have the download for the heat-able pillow directions. Thank you for joining us! Hugs, Cookie

Anonymous said...

just found this site , order sock and mitten holder, and the depuper . sock holder arrived very fast and in excellent condition. Been using the deduper to go through my files also. I can't wait to get the newsletter for the heat pillow instructions. Has anyone else gotten there news letter yet.

Cookie Gaynor said...

You will have your copy for the newsletter in your email box for Christmas. Thanks for subscribing.