Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's Organize those photos!

The deduper software is available at and it is truly priced right. I need to somehow get this video "clearer", so by all means if you know how to adjust the settings for that, I hope you will share it with me. The most important settings you need when using the Embroidery Deduper software is to be sure you have the correct folder level selected. In the example used, all my photos from the holidays were put on my desktop in a folder HolidayPhotoNightmare and so it was until I was able to remove the duplicates. Because all the photos were in one folder, I opened the deduper software and selected from the top menu bar: Edit, changed my preference to level 1, and then on the next tab I made sure to check off the box to go through non embroidery files as well. After adjusting the settings, I added the correct directory (folder path) where the HolidayPhotoNightmare folder was located. With a quick click on the dedup button, it was done an instant.

The ASG event from last week's post went very well and I will add some photos of it to the blog on the weekend. But I am catching up on all that was pushed back to get the kits for that event together with the last minute changes. Hugs to all!



Anonymous said...

I have emb. files in a folder and then divided into catagories with folders in these catagories. How many levels can deduper go? If there are 3 or 4 levels can it go that deep or is 2 layers the maximum? thanks so much

Cookie Gaynor said...

Let me provide an example to see if I am understanding your question correctly. Imagine that I have created a folder entitled Cookie's Embroidery Files and underneath that folder I have created more folders as categories: holidays, angels, bears, cats, dogs, horses. I can choose to keep a design in several categories using Level 2 like a cat with an angel wearing a santa hat and have it in the following folders: holiday, cat, angel. Deduper can be set not to remove duplicates in different folders while still keeping just one copy in each folder. Depending on the folder/directory you select you can always remove duplicates. "Level 2 allows duplicates across category folders."