Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Story of: How to stretch fabrics further when you need to make many identical items...

I am going to share this because I believe many of you can relate to this story on some level. Whether you have tried making many matching gifts for friends and perhaps you forgot someone, or you are a sewing teacher and have faced this similar scenario, or a store owner who has had new customers enter the store and they want to sign up for classes and you want to support their enthusiasm and not say I don't have enough kits.

This next weekend is when our American Sewing Guild Atlanta Chapter gets the leaders together for new projects to bring back to each of their groups.

Sheri asked me if I would consider doing it for them this year, and as you know the two things I love to do is teach and sew - and that could only mean an answer of YES, I can!
Originally, I had a different lesson plan but I received an excited and enthusiastic call this past Saturday that we had more leaders coming than had been discussed earlier. So what do you do when you have kits made with just a few extra pieces and not enough to make 10 more? Oh and let's add that you have 6 days to make it happen?

This is what I did. I took apart every kit in my studio for parts, grabbed all leftover fabrics from previous events, called NYC for extra supplies like magnetic snaps, and thankfully one fabric that they still had in stock - everyone's kits must be equal is my mantra! How do you make kits with nice fabrics some of which could not be re-ordered? Thank goodness for crazy quilting and that it really can help stretch fabric along.

With a calculator in hand I figured out the yardage roughly, and began putting fabrics in piles. Once I had five that worked together, I got on the phone to see which one I could get extra to have matching back panels. Within 24 hours I had re-planned a class, placed an order, and began cutting strips. I took notes along the way and pictures of the steps yesterday, and then somewhere along the way the concerns left me and I found myself happily sewing the "sample" (yes, the sample needs to match as well). Today is Tuesday "bag lady" day to get the kits in order. On an easier note, I was able to gather 17 kits together for another class out of existing items and just need a few beads to throw in. So if you are in the Atlanta area and want to have fun, ASG is great way to meet others. It is nice to know that the group leaders take their roles to heart by giving up their weekend to learn new ideas to bring back to their groups.
My tips for being short on kits, Crazy Quilt, Patchwork, Adding Ribbon Fabric, (yes :) I am using that for the other class), are some of the things you can utilize to stretch your fabrics further to keep kits or gifts all matching.

Now of course some things fall behind in order to accomplish this but all will be back on track by this Friday, as I have a terrific set of helpers. So if your email responses are coming in past midnight this week, you know what we are up to. Finishing up the January Newsletter, today.

The new video on How to organize your photos, using the Embroidery Deduper will also be up this week. It's all fun stuff, not stressful, but it is out of order at the moment. I wish I could "dedup" other things, LOL! Hugs to all, Cookie

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You are a wonderful gal, Cookie, and that's a terrific bag! Surely the group leaders will teach their group attendees how to make it, too!