Friday, February 20, 2009

How can you make a mean monster in February?

Well clearly I couldn't do it. Colleen in our ASG group, graciously taught all of the SewIncredibles in attendance how to make monsters. I still had hearts on the brain (February 14th) and no matter what I did to make Villanous Valentino look more sinister, he just looked like he wanted a hug. Others did an amazing job at making scary fun monsters and maybe once February is over, I will give it another try. Even my skull and cross bones look like a Teddy Bear hug on a heart! My chain was to give him a motorcycle look but instead he looks like a drag queen in jewelry. Thankfully my daughter adopted him so he is in a happy place with a small dog eyeing him as a possible chew toy.

Monsters are very in, and kids of all ages want them. You simply have to use google and search them out. But a special thanks goes to Colleen for showing us some great tips on assembly and for her endless patience, humor and style in doing so! Oh and she showed us some doll sculpting as well see! Colleen warned us that it was addictive and before trying it, I thought to myself - why? But now I know! See Colleen working with everyone in the ASG Sewincredibles Group!

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T.E. said...

Victor Valentino is happy in his home but wishes for a monster pal to play with.