Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine Projects for all...

One of the things that I find important is to create projects that are easy, yet very affordable. The videos I have on this blog are designed to help all readers by including useful tips applicable to all home embroiderer's no matter what equipment you may use to embroider socks, gloves, etc.

I personally used for this project, the Sock Easy & the Valentine collection available at and my 4x4 embroidery hoop and a few designs, I have spent just a couple hours in the morning creating gifts for our cousin's new baby and adorable toddler! It is very easy to create designs on the Baby T-shirt sleeves and all the different size socks using the SockEasy unit! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter on for more ideas and a freebie project included in the newsletter for February, if you have not already done so. One more important tip, the two sticky style stabilizers that I can recommend after testing them both is Eco Stick and EASY STICK. Easy Stick is on the market and is available at Works great and doesn't leave sticky residue on the needle.

Of course, a theme of designs with hearts & tokens of love are truly dateless and can be used throughout the year. I am heading out later today to a Super Bowl Party. Since the designs were already loaded on the embroidery machine and I happen to have some very cute towels from, a hostess gift was just a selection away. I used a fast frame with sticky paper and placed this adorable polka dot towel and even found the same shade of green for the lettering. A little satin ribbon woven in makes it cute for the adorable kitchen it is going in. It's perfect as the husband does all the cooking and he will never touch this towel. It's my sneaky "game plan". I know it should have footballs but it's just not me! I think the wife will like this one better! I was just at the allaboutblanks website and noticed some pretty satin trimmed ones which I will absolutely need to own.

In my last post, I pictured a close up of the original striped embellished baby T-shirt with toddler socks, but I think it's always nice to see just how tiny a sock you can embroider with the sock easy. If these little socks don't just tear at your own heartstrings I will be amazed. After I was done embroidering them, I kept holding them up, and smiling. These little heartfelt socks took less than 10 minutes with ribbon and all. Here are the links needed for How to Embroider Socks, and How to embroider Gloves and Mittens! So cute and SEW easy!

For under $10 at the discount stores I purchased 3 Longsleeve T's plus 10 pairs of 0-6month socks! The ribbon came from Hancock's for 30% off a spool. I have 5 spools for well under $5.00 enough to do all socks and shirts plus more. Do you have a baby boy in mind? Baby blue heart with small strips of denim frayed turns a pretty girly style sock into a cute denim look suitable for boys! Or do a sport baby sock with blue heart or red hearts and no ribbons.

These little ideas are fun suggestions for the little ones in your life but remember if you are a crafter selling items there are new federal guidelines for children's toys and more that must be followed so be sure to check those out on the federal government sites related to this.

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Anonymous said...

This are so adorable!!! Very very high on the awwwwwww scale. :-) I can't believe they can be done so quickly! Meanwhile, I'm still knitting furiously away on a baby sweater. I think you've found the better solution to baby gifts...