Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bringing Bling to a Whole New Level!

How many of you have seen the Bernina (White) Pearl sewing machine with it's gorgeous scrolls? It is indeed adorably cute. Now look closer at this picture on the left. Why is this machine so different than any other "Pearl"?

The answer: my girlfriend, Julie, knows how to bling. If it does not move it is blinged with shiny glittery stones, always tasteful but none the less "Blinged". Can you see the difference yet? Maybe you need to stare at your own first to see it, but look at the little gems that have been added. It has gone from adorably scrapbooky cute to Flourishly Elegant!

She laughed and explained this is her claim on this little workhorse, but I smiled and replied I would certainly buy a second hand machine that looked like this. It's like buying one that has been autographed by Martha Pullen and more.
Now I am looking at one of my smaller machines and thinking maybe I can flourish it with stamps and get those pretty black crystals and almost re-create her look. Of course, "the Pearl" is limited and hard to find so stamps and crystals are my last resort if I can't find one. As a side note let me add that her phone cover is pretty darn cute as well and maybe one day I can sneak a picture of it!
If you feel motivated, go get some cute stones and the right tools from your local sewing store and "Glitz" up your world. And yes, they still work on fabric!

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