Sunday, April 12, 2009

I love Eleanor Burns - and I am not a quilter!

There are lots of wonderful, talented people in the sewing industry but I have to confess that Eleanor Burns is one of my top favorites. Her sense of wit, humor, talent and ability to teach quilting, even to those who are on the "fringe of quilting" makes her more than an instructor. I learned more about quilting in three days then I have managed to learn in a lifetime. I have talked the ears off of my friends describing what the event was like. Congratulations to Atlanta Sewing Center for throwing such a well run "TREAT". is Eleanor Burn's website and I would be remiss not to tell you it is worth a look. Her Victory Quilts, book is amazing. Not only does she tell you how to make the blocks, but she gives a history of the 1940's in a way that makes every American proud. Her techniques make the blocks go together quicker and much easier than traditional methods I had been taught.
In between working this event and preparing to go off and teach at the American Embroidery Conference, I did find some time to run by the store and pick up her books, and rulers. So for all my friends who know I am not into quilting - this woman has made me rethink my whole attitude! My friend, Sandi is on a cruise and she will be most surprised to hear my change of heart! All the attendees had a fabulous time and made a point of letting us know how much they loved the projects and the techniques. By the way, she really made that Babylock Espire machine attractive to all of us. It truly is a great little quilting dynamo!

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