Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quick Gifts...

Love to color?

My favorite embroidery designs are simplistic in style. Red work, Blue work, single color lacework. These type of designs require little babysitting while the machine is embroidering. "Outline designs" stitch out very quickly and whether you incorporate them in a quilt, or perhaps a pillow, pillowcase or linen towel, with just a touch of paint sticks, fabric pens and or ribbon, you can add a splash of color.

It is also a great and easy activity to do with kids. One thing to note. Be sure to sew ribbons down on linens for cribs and quilts as we don't want little fingers getting into trouble, etc. Bows may make pictures prettier but are not always practical or a good idea. The added ribbon in this photo is sewn down along both sides with a straight stitch.

You can do this same sort of thing along the sides of jeans, jackets, wine bags, etc... I prefer short pen strokes to shade in areas but there is no reason not to color in the entire areas - it's just personal preference.

For my friends in Edison - the Kewpie was purchased in the 1960's at Bell's Pharmacy!

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