Friday, May 15, 2009

Cooking up something for the website!

One of the fun things I enjoy is hanging out with apronistas! Sometimes you have to save time and revamp a ready made apron at the 11th hour when you are leaving to do a show and little time to sew.

By removing the strap of the existing apron, adding ribbon and a sparkly D ring, the neck strap was artfully re-styled. Next, a dash of embroidery for the top, and encased with ribbon.

The apron pockets were formed by turning up the bottom edge and stitching two addition vertical lines to form three pockets as well as sewing the sides shut for the outer pocket. Again, ribbons were used to embellish.

The pockets turned out to be really handy while working at several sewing shows. I made the same style apron about 12 years ago with the top showcasing a "teacher design" and using the measuring tape ribbons they sell at the craft stores to do this same type of embellishment.

So whether you cook, sew, teach or vendor products, this quick little apron may work well for you.


soot said...

had fun last night-guess I'm a google memeber now soot

Dentist El Paso said...

I love your apron! nice design and embroidery.