Monday, May 11, 2009

Have you been to NYC lately? Colorful City with a Beautiful Palette!

Brighton Beach is more memorable thanks to family. Debra and Nisim gave us a tour of Brighton Beach that I had never been on. From chocolate to Russian Boutique fashions. I had the chance to touch some very interesting fabrics and look at some techniques of crinkled materials sewn in such a way that now I know there are many skills yet to be learned. From twisted to ripped fabrics sewn to make new fabrics. Of course what did I take pictures of? The gourmet shop. I haven't seen so much color in one store so beautifully displayed since my trip to Istanbul.
"I pick color palettes for many of the things I sew/embroider and scrapbook based on pictures I take or magazine layout choices. Of course, nature works well with color options!"
I managed to get teas and chocolate and between the two, the teas were my favorite. I think that I needed more guidance in my chocolate selection. Lesson learned! I love Atlanta but there is something about bagels, and whitefish spread in NYC. So that certainly was an event on the way back to the airport.
"Something I noticed about my vacation photos: my favorite ones seem to have the same color sense about them. Coincidentally, they are the same ones I use most often in my craft projects and home decorating. See if the same holds true for you!"

With all of this said, thank you Debra and Nisim for such a fun time and for those feather earrings I managed to get away from you - they look great with my jacket, Debra. Ron and I love you both!

For those that live in the Brighton Beach area, you should take a drive out there. My favorite "weird" advertisement is one of a small laptop and the display but I can't put it here. If you go to Brighton Beach, I am sure you will find it and know it is the one I am referring to. I thought I was in Europe...


Anonymous said...

Nisim can send you the computer ad if you'd like...but somehow I think your dear readers would go "ewwww!"


Cookie Gaynor said...

I have it, too, but I think ewwww wouldn't begin to cover it!