Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick Baby Gift - it is sooo knitty!

It is very seldom that I will stitch out a stock design but I have to share with you that this one is so cute up close that it exceeded my expectations. For me to purchase a design these days is very rare...

I played "customer" several weeks ago at Atlanta Sewing Center and tested out the OESD build packs. And for me it is definitely the way to go for ease and finding the exact design I needed at the store.

Of course, I did a little tweaking to the colors, to make it stitch out quicker, and the sweater was originally pink. But it came out darling and it is ready to give away tonight. Do you want it, too? WS589_48Lamb and believe me when I share with you that the knitted cable sweater on the lamb looks like knitted cable. Being a knitting newbie, this design has great appeal. And babies & lambs - it can't get much cuter than this! I hope Christian's mommy likes it as much as I do!

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