Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recycling old into new...

Everyone is going green, recycling and making more effort to make less of a footprint on the planet.

Once a month, I run a small club where a project is selected and as a group we enjoy making it together. While cleaning out my sewing shelves, I came across yards of leafy fabrics and notebooks that contained old notes from classes I took over 25 years ago. What was I saving these notes for? I know some of you reading this have closet notebooks, also! Staring at the notebooks, albums and fabrics inspired me for the club projects for April and May.

Last month we took a small business card case, covered it in fabric with applique and converted it into a fabric swatch holder. The business card slots now hold swatches of our fabric stash. Very handy for when we are out shopping. Small photo albums recovered are welcomed gifts and several at our meeting made adorable pocket albums. For those that don't sew: use lines of glue instead of sewing. Be sure to use clothespins or small clamps to apply pressure until the lines of glue are thoroughly dry.

It was a cute project but I still had lots of fabric left over and I was still staring at those now "empty" notebooks. This month we made covered notebooks to hold our project plans, display our work, etc.

Michele Murray, the owner of Elegant Thread Creations, did a terrific job on her notebook to show clients (Brides) her beautiful work. Michele embroiders beautifully with true attention to every detail. Her work has been featured in STITCHES magazine. No surprise there!

If you could see the books without the covers you might be tempted to throw them out but everyone's turned out quite nice and are "new" again. Just ask CeeCee Kusnitz with her bright "new" red notebook! There are quite a few "how to cover books" directions distributed freely on the internet. So if you find yourself loaded down with notebooks, fabrics, trims, etc. that you simply can't toss - give them new life! Glue them, sew them, there is a method out there for sewers and non-sewers. Many books are available on the market as well which "cover" this topic thoroughly.

For the summer, our club takes June and July off but in August we are going to make flowers from fabric squares because I came across unfinished quilt squares in that closet!

So what is in your closet? ~ Cookie

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