Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy with the Dixie Stitchers!

Imagine four days without phones ringing, meals to prepare, problems to solve...

Imagine having your sewing projects left out, fabric strewn about the room, and laughter all around you...

Imagine doing this in a group of a dozen sewing, quilting and embroidery enthusiasts (who also knit and have brought those projects as well)...

And then to really add to the joy:
Imagine a dinner bell ringing three times a day:
8am, 1pm and 6pm calling you to break from "fun" to eat delicious food. Yes, the "Dixie Stitchers" are at it again! From quilts, to little girl dresses, purses, knitting bags and more - the machines purred as we laughed the week away with each person leaving with a sense of accomplishment and the joy of deeper friendships. This is why I sew and it is also one of the main reasons why I teach others to sew and embroider. Thanks to Denise for setting this up!

Crafts are more than a skill, they are an outlet to express your personality and an opportunity to meet and enjoy others who share the same interests. Whether you knit, sew clothing/home dec, embroider, quilt, fly RC planes or scrapbook - the fun you have making new friends while you explore your hobby is the best reward.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Ron answered phones for a televised fund raiser. And he had the joy of taking great care of Bentley and Stella. Thank you Ron, for all of us you helped this week!

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